Dove: Patches – A Revolutionary New Product

Dove has a released a new video for their product “Patches.” Basically, you wear the RBX beauty patch on your arm and it helps to change how you perceive beauty. If you know me, you know how critical I am of advertisements; especially ads that touch on such personal issues. I am aware that no matter what, it all comes down to advertising Dove and selling the ideology of real beauty with the company, but do what I did. Set aside the Dove aspect within this video and watch it with a clear mind. This definitely lifted my spirits. Happy Wednesday! :)


  1. It was obvious. I can’t believe these women believed that a patch could change them! It just shows how advertising works and how easily people are influenced. They are also American. I’ve found Americans are very gullible which means their government can easily manipulate them. Get wise people!


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