The 13 Best Instagrammers Of The 613!

Instagram has quite certainly blown up around the world and if you have yet to get account, you have yet to experience a new form of expressing art. Besides the obvious uses for Instagram such as posting your selfies, your meals of the day, your enhanced ass shots, your newly toned abs and biceps, and much more, Instagram is now being used to show radiantly beautiful photos of each individual, each individual’s culture, each individual’s visions, each individual’s talents, and much more. A fabulous Instagrammer does not stop at posts though; it stretches on to how frequent you post and how you relate to your followers. It’s a growing business that many brilliant individuals are taking a part of. I might do another of these posts where I will highlight some of the greatest Instagrammers I follow but for now, here are my thirteen picks for the most breathtaking Instagrammers in our Cap City.

(13) @LittleMissOttawa 

I love this Instagram account due to the fact that her photos take you to every corner of this beautiful city. Little Miss Ottawa also captures photos from events that are token to Ottawa such as hockey games and Canada Day.

(12) @FacesByNoah

For your daily dose of glam and if you can handle a slayage that has no bounds, make sure to check out this Instagram page. I love this page for it’s focus on the face. We all love faces but I find myself deeply admiring the many shapes of faces in our city through this page. Noah takes fashion, make-up, and sheer brilliance, and shows that you can never have enough glam in your life.

(11) @Chrisarrrrr

Chris has a very sharp and exquisite eye for architecture and Ottawa is a city filled with many great and different shapes. He captures the beauty, and at times mystery, of buildings and locations that we absentmindedly run and/or walk by daily.

(10) @SachaLeclair

With every photo, Sacha makes you wonder where the hell he is and how on earth you could get yourself there. I love this account for highlighting places that I have yet to visit in our lovely city.

(9) @Kelekokondo

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In all her Black Queen glory, Ornella’s Instagram page is my go to for 613 daily fashion. Besides being absolutely beautiful, sweet, funny, and intelligent, Nella has got herself a wicked sense of style. Keep werkin girl!

(8) @ScottHWilson

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From xmas eve.

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Scott definitely has a grip on the outdoor aspect of Ottawa; especially during the winter. Anyone who knows me knows how much I try to hibernate or stay within an area with a heating system, during the winter. Thankfully, I have ‘grammers like Scott to show me what I’m missing.

(7) @wwlalonde

If you have yet to check out his tumblr please make sure to (and mine). Will is definitely one of my favourite photographers in general. Whether it be glow photography or stills or knowing the right angle when capturing the unearthed beauty of random individuals, Will has a firm grip on them all.

(6) @DavidianJohnson

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Another @coalitionco teaser

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It’s all about the eye. David definitely has a great eye and understanding for photography and for knowing where the beauty and connection lies with Ottawa. The fact that I had such a hard time selecting only one photo to preview here just shows how great he is.

(5) @IzzyVisentin

Yes, I know she’s set on private but I could not resist adding Isabella on this list. Instagram is a great place for fashion, art, food, creativity, and also family and friends. Isabella’s instagram is definitely my go to place for all the warm and fuzzy feelings I receive laughing and admiring her daily adventures with the people in her life.

(4) @Giacoviero

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Definitely one of my favourite pages Instagram has to offer. I love how crystal clear and fun Jack’s instagram page is. I especially love his use of colour and lighting.

(3) @TemitopeOwolabi

I mean… his photos say it all really. Temi is fucking amazing.

(2) @Kill.613

Again.. wow! Not to mention how sweet Nathan is. I absolutely adore this instagram page.

(1) @WSSM6

From his collaborations, to his fashion, to his eye for colour and lighting, to the sharpness and immense quality of his photos, to his creativity, and dear me everything else, Wassim takes the title for the greatest Instagram page 613 has to offer.

Make sure to also visit my Instagram page @Aesings xx

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