My 2015 Black History Month Final Thoughts.


This month is drawing to an end and I want to state that Black History is every month. Everyday we live among the remnants of Black History and everyday as we fight and protest and march and speak and cry, we add more stories and lessons to our history books (because there are more than one). Black History is everyday and Black History is for life. Black History is our history first and foremost but then it is the world’s history. We can never look to our past without mentioning the racial issues and segregation of black people. To do so would be to ignore a giant aspect of the past. Both good, and bad. From innovation to fighting for peace. From fighting for peace to fighting to be recognized, and then fighting to be free. The world watched as we made our noises loud and proud. Screaming from the highest mountains, we are black and we are proud. We left our marks on the whitest of towers and paved ways on roads that had yet to go under construction. Black History is forever.


Let us talk of Black Present. How do we move forward? Education. One on one, online, classrooms, music, art, fashion, spoken word, etc. It is time we broke down this institution made to forget and ignore both the ills done to us in the past, and the ills being repeatedly done to us in the present.  Black people are tired of trying to appease to you. As Katt Williams said, “If you cannot understand what it is like to be a tiger in a zoo, you will never understand what it is like to be a nigga in America.” Same goes for a nigga in any part of the world (again, non black people do not say nigga/nigger/ninja/any association of the term). A tiger in a zoo is ridiculous. A tiger is meant to run free and to be wild. A tiger is meant to make noise and people bow down to her/him. I don’t know if you have any black individuals in your life, but we are just like that. Black people, generally, could not be bothered by minimal issues because we are always dreaming big. We want the best for ourselves and settle for nothing less. Black people are hardworking and damn intelligent; whether it be street smarts and/or book smarts. We know how to get by and succeed when times get hard, and damn well know how to have fun when times are good. Look through our entertainers and all you will find are those artists who paved ways and innovated and changed the way you saw, felt, listened to, danced to, understood, and appreciated music. We really are out here. So, to Patricia Arquette, we have been fighting. We’ve been fighting day and night while you’ve been busy making million dollar movies. You do not need to beckon to us and we fall out like sheep. Black people are still fighting but, as Kelly Rowland perfectly says, “From here on out, I’ll be your commander.” Listen to what your black friends have to say and listen to understand not to respond. Be open and willing to learn. Do your own research. Join us in becoming our allies. xx


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