Hey 613, Don’t Like Kanye? Here Is Why. #YeezyAtBluesFest2015


This post is an open letter to anyone who is against the attendance of Kanye West at Ottawa, Ontario’s annual Bluesfest Music Festival this year.


Let us begin. Kanye West was born on June 8th 1977 in Atlanta, Georgia. His father, Ray West, was one of the former Black Panthers and the first ever black photojournalist at The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. His mother, Dr. Donca C. Williams West, was an English Professor at the Clark Atlanta University, as well as the Chair of English Department at the Chicago State University. His parents divorced when he was only 3 years old and he moved in with his mother to Chicago, Illinois. For those arguing about his so called shady background, I present to you, receipts. Let us carry on shall we? Mr. West attended the Polaris High School in Illinois before moving to Nanjing, China at the age of 10; West’s mother was asked to teach at the Nanjing University as a part of an exchange program. Continuing on, Mr. West wrote his first poem and began rapping at the age of 5. By the time he was in the seventh grade, Mr. West had begun composing his own music. For those who like to claim he is new to the game, or that he simply bought his way to the top, more receipts. Sip your teas ladies and gentlemen. Moving on. In 1997, Mr. West accepted his scholarship to attend Chicago’s American Academy of Art; where he learned the art of painting before transferring to the Chicago State University to pursue English literature. This part is for those claiming he is uneducated. Furthermore, Kanye West has produced smash hit singles for artists like Common, Ludacris, Cam’Ron, Jay-Z, Alicia Keys, Janet Jackson, and much more. Most recently Mr. West remixed New Zealand artist, Lorde, famous track “Yellow Flicker Beat,” featured on “The Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 1” soundtrack. Lest we forget his Grammys. Yet, never has he won against a white counterpart… so let us discuss race.


Here is something you should know in case you do not. The media uses stereotypes when discussing an individual and/or group, so as to appeal to the mass audience they are addressing. Why do they use stereotypes? Stereotypes are what we know and what we can easily understand. Unfortunately, in the media’s constant framing of stories via stereotypes, it continuously perpetuates/advances false beliefs of certain individuals and/or groups of people. This occurs in news, infotainment, advertising, popular culture, and in our everyday discussions. Christians are seen as anti gay (even though not all Christians are anti gay), Muslims are labelled as terrorists (even though religion has nothing to do with terrorism), and then black men are labelled as angry, defiant, uncontrollable, animalistic, creatures. Kendrick Lamar said it best in his song “The Blacker The Berry,” featured on his new album “To Pimp A Butterfly.” In the words of Mr. Lamar, “I want you to realize that I am a proud monkey.” These stereotypes are nothing new and they are recycled throughout history. The media frames black men in this light because they know how easily recognizable it is with the masses they are addressing. But, it is then internalized negatively by the masses they are addressing. Just as some individuals lash out and resort to hate crimes targeting Muslims whenever there is a “terror” attack, so do certain individuals (my readers know who I am referring to), lash out and demonize black men when they are the victim. We have seen it with Michael Brown, we have seen it with Eric Garner, we have seen it with Martese Johnson. Yet, we did not see it with TJ Lane, we did not see it with the SAE Student (who the media chose to not release his name), and we have not seen it with Andrea Lubitz. I am simply stating these facts for you to go out and do your own research. Compare how the media frames black versus white individuals. See it for yourself. It does not help us to sit here and argue in the comment section. Simply go out, do your research, and return with proof. But, you dislike Kanye West because you internalized the way the media frames black men as demons. What? Yes, I went there.

When you think of a real nigga, what do you picture? Probably a man (or woman) who is extremely “hood,” “ghetto,” “thug like,” loud, rude, anti revolutionary, dominant, and definitely in your face. The words in quotes are racial slurs (in case you use them to describe black individuals, stop now). I should say that whenever I say “white people,” I am referring to those individuals who have yet to understand racial biases and racism in general. So, white people, you like black men (or not), but you definitely do not like the nigga side of black men. The nigga side of black men is that side that is as described above. Now, I posted the two videos above to dissect it a bit. In the first video, Kanye West was invited back to Jimmy Kimmel and is expressing the views many of us express. Although embedded and benefitting and perpetuating the capitalist system, Mr. West at the same time tries to aid those not on the benefitting side. For those calling Kanye West egotistic, he is simply a man who has figured out what you have not. Advertising sells you what could be. It does not and never has sold us products. It tells you, you are imperfect and so to be perfect, here, consume this product. Mr. West says no. I am perfect without that product. He claims himself as a genius (he is not Jesus like) but a genius nonetheless. In the second video with Sway, Mr. West is furious over how hard it was for him to enter the fashion business. You cannot tell me you have never been in a situation where you know you deserve something, and yet, keep getting shut out. Kanye West put his all into the fashion industry and was voicing – maybe not the way you wanted – his frustration. Simply put, if Kanye West was a white male and expressive as he is, it would be ignored. You see, politicians and CEOs make money for doing exactly what Mr. West does.

The above video is just further proving my words on advertising and how it influences our thinking. I don’t think I need to show you examples of the demonization of black men? If you require that please leave a comment and I will add it but I mean… turn on the news.


Am I tripping? Maybe I am. But, Kanye West cares incredibly for his family and speaks highly of every single one of them, at any given moment. He is also incredibly talented and Ottawa is incredibly lucky to be able to see him live. So what if he does not smile for the camera? Paparazzis show up to his house at 2am in the morning (click here). I would develop a non smiling attitude as well. The media know how to push his buttons and frame him as a pure bred nigga. I want express that nigga is not bad but it is framed as something we must shame and put down. Just as when Justin Bieber gained nigga like qualities and the media literally termed it as such. Many labelled Bieber as a thug. A racial slur. Just as when Charlie Sheen called Rihanna a “village rat.” I mean, I could sit here for hours and spew out more and more facts but at some point you need to ask yourself, what really do I know about Kanye West? Sure, he believes in artistry. Sure yes, taking someone’s award on stage is wrong (although I understand his frustration), but, what else? How many celebrities have done much worse and have been forgiven. You need to really sit down and ask yourself, where does this hatred stem from? I bet my money darling, race definitely plays a role. I’ll see you all May 1st after finals! xx

Source(s) Used: http://www.thefamouspeople.com/profiles/kanye-west-3939.php



  1. Huh??????? Everything that I just read is so irrelevant to the fact that he’s a fuckimng douche bag!!! He’s ignorant and a stuck up rich punk! And his fashion ???? Cmon man!!! His shoes sell cause he’s famous. There fucking ugly!! So I don’t care if he lived in China or went to university and dropped out he’s a Puke and that’s why I wouldn’t pay to see him.

  2. The dude is a musical mastermind, but has the interpersonal skills that are on par with Bill O’Reilly. We can try to use racism to rationalize what ever we want, but it’s not always the answer. If Nickle Back were black, we’d assume that people that shit on them are racist too!

    1. Yo, I’ve lived in Ottawa for 20yrs, I’m 25 now. Wtf are you saying? I don’t know what part of Ottawa you live in or what you’ve experienced, but Ottawa is very multicultural and a large majority are welcoming and kind to every race. Sure, there are racist people everywhere, but, if I had to generalize about all of Ottawa like you just did, I’d say it’s ethnically diverse and accepting of said diversity. I’m offended that people are guna have to read what you’re saying about where we live… Shape up kid!

  3. If you don’t like him, don’t go see him perform. No need to protest or petition– Kanye West is not a human right’s violation. And I think he’s wicked smart and his music is unreal. SEE YA AT THE SHOW

    1. YES EXACTLY! Could not have said this any better, IF YOU DONT LIKE HIM DONT GO, you are all wasting you’re time criticizing this article as if you will gain any type of reward for hating on. If you don’t like him don’t go it’s as simple as that, yes race isn’t the answer to everything and no you don’t have to be racist to not like Kanye but if you don’t like Kanye why are you even taking the time to spread hate when you could be doing anything else in the world.

  4. Nothing in this article is irrelevant. The people who see facts, and continue, even choose to keep being ignorant are the irrelevant ones in my opinion. The world has already left you behind, sadly. To deny any racial facet of why Kanye is portrayed as he is by the media shows how profoundly so many are programmed, and don’t even know it. You can keep sweeping dust under a rug, but eventually, gotta clean that shit up… Hate on, haters !

  5. Wow. How can someone so mediocre call himself a genius? His music is sometimes clever, but for the most part is unimaginative and repetitive. He has no fashion sense – his outfits look like my little niece is playing dress-up with some Value Village gems. His wife is a porn star and his child is a compass. What good is an education if you walk around acting like a spoiled idiot all the time? And why do people like you encourage that behavior?

    And then say that I’m racist….how is it that I listen to countless other black artists and either enjoy or don’t enjoy their music but when it comes to Kanye – woah – I don’t like his music because I’m racist. Not because his lyrics are shit. Not because the subject matter seems to always be about how amazing he is. Not because he walks around like a spoiled little brat, taking people’s awards and having meltdowns on radio shows at random strangers. Nope – I apparently don’t like Kanye because he’s black.

    How very Kanye of you. To assume something of me when you know nothing about me, but then again, this article was written by Kanye’s biggest fan – so, is Annette a pseudonym for Kanye himself or is this just his publicist?

    1. Hey darling! I just want to clarify that I am not Kanye’s publicist nor his biggest fan. The article is not saying you are a racist because you don’t like his music, it is saying due to how the media portrays black men, the way many mis judge and hyper judge Kanye West, is due to this negative portrayal. If you genuinely don’t like his music that does not make you a racist. I was simply pointing out why some hyper judge his character, one portrayed by many other white celebs, and yet West gets more heat. For example, Iggy Azalea who has made countless homophobic comments, and much others, no one made a petition against her. I hope this clears up the confusion. 😊

      1. Actually Iggy Azalia’s show was shut down as a result of protests, a quick google search will prove that. So… youre argument holds no basis really.

        The white equivalent of Kanye West is Gene Simmons, and if you ask people about Gene Simmons you’ll find that there’s those that love him, and those that hate him… just the same as Kanye.

      2. History and current news backs up my argument. A Google search proves that. Please Google how the media portray black versus white individuals. Thank you 😊

      3. I’m just wondering what the back lash would be if Justin Bieber were announced as a hyped headliner. I’m thinking pretty much the same. I find it appalling that you are trying to make the Kanye back lash about RACE. An ass is an ass regardless of their skin colour. I for one couldn’t care less if he performs but to dismiss his antics and state that people don’t like him because of his race appears to be a feeble attempt to stir the pot. Chris Brown was turned away from the border when he was supposed to perform in Montreal because he had a criminal record but one would assume with your biased stance that this was probably because he was not white? Wow…you really need to get over yourself.

    2. Again, you’re opinion. Don’t go see him if u don’t like him. Stop crying and waste your time doing more productive things

  6. Imma let you finish but news flash bozo, most people don’t like Kanye because he’s an insufferable douche, not because he’s black.

    1. Regardless it’s your opinion. Just don’t go if you hate him so much. You’re wasting you’re energy on something you don’t like. Sounds stupid to me

      1. Jesus Kieren just shut up already, these people aren’t talking about whether they’re going to his show or not(because they’re obviously not). They’re stating their opinions, just like the author of this article did.

        You’re the only person “wasting time” commenting on EVERY POST that goes against how you feel about this gigantic douchebag.

  7. Trying to take awards from people, telling artists they should be giving their awards to someone else. There are other ways to try and change the system. I’ll go see him at Bluesfest but he’ll always be an asshat.

  8. I think most of this article is a load of shit.
    So I can’t dislike Kanye West without being a racist? Bullshit.
    I enjoy SOME of his music but he is simply a shitty human being. I don’t give a fuck if he feels wronged, not an excuse to be a d-bag in public for the rest of your life.

    Sounds to me that whoever wrote this article needed a little help sleeping at night due to an inability to make the rest of your friends or whoever agree with your skewed opinion.

  9. Jesus H. Christ. You and your fellow left wing nutcases are OBSESSED with race. Sometimes I think YOU’RE the ones who are racist. Always trying to show how non-racist you are and chalking everything up to be about race. Are you projecting?

  10. First of all, get off your high horse and put away the cliched race card. Kanye isn’t massively disliked because he’s black. He’s massively disliked because he’s a smug, arrogant prick with highly overrated “talent”. Then pretentious people like you make it even worse by telling us why we’re wrong for disliking him. I don’t care where he has lived or where he was educated. If he gets a personality transplant, maybe I’ll consider giving his music more of a chance. Oh, and then he goes and marries the most vacuous waste of space on the planet and procreates with her! Let’s all bow to his feet because obviously he’s super intelligent!

  11. Maybe he comes from high profile family and he is genius and talented. But still he is a racist and self centred person that he loves and care for his kind and for whom belongs to him. I don’t see anything els in this article says it different.

  12. This article suits one thing, to wrap my meat up in my garbage can if it was printed.
    Your portrayal is extremely one sided and as a result you have labelled Ottawa “racist”, or atleast portraying that ‘coincidentally’.
    He may be well educated but the fact still remains, that he has no shred of decency available, so im the end, we tell our children to be complete idiots and you will have fans? I think not…

  13. So here’s what I think..
    Bluesfest was originally a festival aimed towards an older crowd.. That being said, I can agree that Kanye has a bad reputation but weather we are fans of him or not I just don’t think it is the right crowed he is being marketed to. You have bands performing like deep purple,Lynard skynard, blue rodeo,the tea party ect. and I think half of it is that we don’t want to attract the type of crowd he will bring.. i.e. Younger teens. There’s many other places he could perform and get the attention he “deserves” but it is just not the right venue.

    1. Shut up lmfao snoop dogg tyga tiesto Skrillex lady gags and many other random performances from younger targeting artists.
      You just don’t like him. Cry baby

      1. C.S’ point is proven. All those (pop) artists you mentioned are brought in to appeal to teenagers, and, in my opinion, people, with poor tastes in music. Unfortunately, that’s a high population. I’m sad to see that festivals in Ottawa have turned to appeal to those crowds just so they can exist. There’s little blues at Bluesfest, jazz at Jazzfest, and folk at Folkfest. It’s a shame that talented groups that can be put into the categories mentioned above, who write, and produce their own music can’t even play at these festivals because pop “artists” will sell tickets to those with Mom and Dad’s money.
        Now, I’m not associated with the people freaking out about Kanye. When I heard the news, I shrugged and moved on. The battle for improving these music festivals has long been lost. But what fires me up is that someone could go and write this article blatantly accusing those who live in the 613 area code (which isn’t just Ottawa to your surprise, it’s actually a pretty big chunk of southeastern Ontario) of racism because we don’t like someone who is so full of their own ego, and money and fame. I can, however, associate with those who don’t like Kanye. I don’t like Kanye because a) I simply cannot appreciate his music. b) His assumed position to be able to jump and stage tell the world why Beyonce should be winning awards (Even though she doesn’t even write her own music) and c) he’s a pompous, ego filled maniac who cares about himself and his affiliations.

        I’ve gotten to the point that I don’t even know why I’m writing this because from what I see from your other comments on here, you’re either a troll or a complete moron. Go ahead and reply anyhow. It’ll be interesting enough.

        Happy Easter shit birds.

  14. What a drawn out, very bad piece of writing.
    If you don’t like kanye you’re a racist. I find that pretty offensive and this author might actually be the worst.

  15. Worst article I’ve ever read. This whole article is irrelevant. I’m a huge kanye fan, but the reason people dislike him has little to do with his background wtf. No one gives a fuck about his background. This article neglects the MOST IMPORTANT point (which makes this article trash) which is that Kanye is the biggest douche bag known. There’s no denying that. I don’t have to explain myself and you can google the facts yourself… And this is coming from a kanye fan keep that in mind. Im just mind blown on how someone could write such a shit article and believe it’s actually well written.

  16. Media’s portrayal of black men & women is 100% skewed and racially driven. That point can’t be disputed, it just can’t. There are so many examples it’s staggering. I also agree that Kanye does make good points and good music. He’s allowed to believe in himself and think he’s great and venture into areas that he has a passion for and can make a difference…we all have a right to say that and I think you’re bang on when you say media tries to program us against that thinking because then how could they influence us? But what I don’t agree with is that you’re stating that essentially due to racial profiling he is blameless in his persona and how the media portrays him. He (above anything) has been key in driving the media and public persona that he now has. To say that he’s not a part of that cycle and it’s not his fault is, I believe, wrong. He has repeatedly been rude and appalling on several occasions with other celebrities and disrespecting their “art”, promoters, radio & talk show hosts, fans at his shows etc. Believing in himself to the point of arrogance and insensitivity has most definitely played a huge role in the public’s disgust with him. Race within the media portrayal plays somewhat but to take all the blame off of him and onto a white washed society doesn’t wash either. The man has been making his bed over and over and unfortunately you reap what you sow. At some point you need to own your actions.
    Do I believe that energy should be put into a petition to stop him from playing these festivals?! That’s just stupid and such a waste of time. Whether you like him or not, he probably puts on a fantastic show and at the end of the day we all loved to be entertained.

  17. People are so freaked about discussions on race that they run from any real reflection… very sad… So quick to defend oneself as ‘not racist’ or shame any discussion on race less we actually try to look at race from a different perspective with interest, empathy, and self-awareness.

    Don’t be so afraid of being ‘racist’ that you dismiss the very point that race comes into play in more areas of our perceptions that we think, no matter how ‘good’ we are or ‘open’ we are.

    It’s an uncomfortable and vulnerable place to actually open yourself up fully to thinking about how race plays a part in your perceptions. You may not like all what you see or feel but at least you’re not ignorant to it.

  18. How about people don’t like him because they think he’s not as talented as you think he is, or he steals people’s award receptions, or he tells people he knows music better than they do, or his ego is out of control, or he’s married to a waste of a human being. We couldn’t possibly hate him because his terrible lyrics aren’t on par with artists like Immortal Technique, or his flow isn’t on par with artists like Twista, or his beats aren’t on par with artists like Beck, or his small vocabulary isn’t on par with artists like El-P. None of these things are possible because we are all a bunch of ignorant rubes and clearly we all hate him because we are racists. Kanye makes mindless club music for mindless enjoyment of the masses. The only thing he has going for him are some really solid beats, which I am more than happy to give him credit for. Most of the people I know that don’t like Kanye aren’t white, know hip hop well, and just don’t think he stacks up againt the better artists out there. Most of the biggest Kanye fans I know are white girls from the suburbs , don’t know hip hop, and love his music because it has great beats to dance to at the club, and simple lyrics that are easy to remember. I highly doubt that racism has much, if anything, to do with this petition. One of the reasons we have such a hard time fighting racism is because we have irresponsible people , like the author of this article, that cry racism where there isn’t any, desensitizing the public to people “pulling the race card”, and making it harder to call out the true instances of racism. It’s like the boy who cried wolf. If idiots keep claiming racism where there is none, nobody will believe us when we try to bring attention to the real thing…..

    1. Actually that video was a mix up. Kanye did not know the individual was in a wheelchair. Do you really think in a large stadium he can see who is doing what? All he was doing was getting everyone to stand up and saw in a row of legs that one was still sitting. But yes! I’m so excited! See you there 😊😊

  19. You think I dislike him because of the way the media demonize black men? I dont recall having ever met you so how can you say that is why I dislike him? I dislike him because of his actions that are led by ignorance. He himself admitted after the fact that he had never listened to Beck’s album, and when he did he said it was pretty good, making his statement about artistry moot. As to Beyonce it is my belief that if you have to use your looks and wear scanty outfits to sell records you are obviously covering for short-comings in the talent area. If you dont believe that look at the writing, producing and playing of instruments on both her and Beck’s albums.

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