GlowFair 2015!

Photo by me.
Kiesza performing at this year’s annual GlowFair. Photo by me.

June 19-20th were two days lit up in colourful energy as GlowFair made its return in our nation’s capital. This past weekend, Bank Street was turned into a fun zone, curtesy of Bank Street BIA. There were live skateboarders in the Pinball section, tearing up the skatepark supplied by Moodra Skateboards, as skaters of all ages and genders, showed us their best kick flips. Crowds stood and watched, roaring into cheers for each trick landed. The entertainment did not end there as the circus was in town. Featuring live acrobats, twirling with rings of fire, my heart burst into flames with excitement. The flames had to be put out as the fair continued into the Enchanted Forest, and many marvelled at the illuminating trees and a Princess sauntering in white. The Enchanted Forest, in partnership with the Museum Of Nature, led you through its winding paths, as you walked past trees etched in blue, white, gold, and more. An additional great fun was the GlowYoga that took place on Somerset street where dozens flooded in search of the perfect spot for find their center. Namaste to all who attended, it was a truly relaxing and exhilarating event. The colour popped out while walking through Art Chaos, where multiple local artists were featured creating paintings, decorating skateboards, and even administering Henna Tattoos. Activities were abounding and the fun, was just that much more to be had.

With acts such as Torro Torro, TOPS, Blonde Redhead, and headliners The New Deal and Kiesza, the crowds kept on coming, filling up the stages, and activity centres, with families and friends. With her smash hit single, “Hideaway,” garnering over 200 million views on Youtube, and her upcoming single, “The Sound Of A Woman,” (as well as the title of her album), Kiesza, was a sure shot at being a glimmering performance. With GlowFair being her first show where she headlined, and this being the first time she ever visited Ottawa, June 20th was a special night for Kiesza. She shared that speciality and infallible talent with the Ottawa crowd as she and her dancers grooved with the crowd. June 19th headliner The New Deal, proved why they are the incredible band to watch. Featuring insatiable drum beats and contagious electronica, they had the crowd cheering for more. Other notable performances were by Jean Baptiste, Lowell, Torro Torro, The Strain, and DJ Vilify.

A note must be added as well for the hardworking volunteers, security guards, and backstage crew, and GlowFair team, for putting together such a wonderful event and fostering a truly positive and prodigious environment. The aura of happiness and joy floated all around Bank Street and that is all thanks to GlowFair and its team for spreading their glee amongst the crowd.


GlowFair combined all the correct elements necessary for a star studded event, making it one to be remembered years to come. Making this all free was very simply the icing on an already delicious cake. I cannot wait to see what more notable fun is in store next year.

Stay connected with GlowFair here.


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