Ottawa’s Dragon Boat Festival Soars At Mooney’s Bay With Hey Rosetta! And The Franklin Electric.

Hey Rosetta performing at Dragon Boat Festival 2015. Located at Mooney's Bay in Ottawa, ON.
Hey Rosetta performing at Dragon Boat Festival 2015. Located at Mooney’s Bay in Ottawa, ON.

The Tim Hortons Ottawa Dragon Boat Festival (ODBF), a non-profit event founded in 1993, kicked off on June 24th at Mooney’s Bay. In it’s fair beginnings, the event would last half a day with 25 teams participating. Currently, the ODBF welcomes over 200 teams in competitive, corporate and community categories, and is one of the finest sporting and entertainment events in our Nation’s Capital.

This year’s four day event featured free admission to live shows by remarkable performers, a viewing area for the boat races, incredible sporting events, mouth watering treats, beach-side bars, and a children’s area. I was honoured to attend ODBF’s lively festivities on June 26th when headliner Hey Rosetta!, and openers such as The Franklin Electric, performed. The Franklin Electric are a Montreal bred alternative pop-folk band, most notably known for their beautiful songs “This Is How I Let You Down,” and my personal favourite, “The Strongest Man Alive.” Yes, they are that talented, great, and lovely, live. You could say they were rather electric (points for puns). I was able to ask Jon Matte, lead singer of The Franklin Electric, his thoughts on the crowd in Ottawa following their set and he described Ottawa as “Clean fun,” saying, “It wasn’t nasty nor dark. It wasn’t a dark vibe, it was happy, clean, and fresh.” With a voice as lovely and kind as theirs, topped with a passionate guitarist, drummer, bassist, and violinists, their set was one to die for. Franklin Electric left Ottawa cheering and grinning as the crowd swayed from side to side. Echoes of fun, love, and warmth, could be felt surrounding Mooney’s Bay.

Just as talented, great, and lovely, was Hey Rosetta! – a Canadian indie-rock band from St-John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador. Hey Rosetta! is no stranger to electric shows as they incorporate piano, violin, cello, and bass, into their sets. Known for their enticing songs, “Red Heart,” and my favourite, “Soft Offering,” Hey Rosetta! came to Ottawa with a bang, sending the crowd jolting with cheers.

North America’s largest dragon boating festival was a time not to be missed. I look forward to returning in the upcoming year.

Photo Thanks:

(a) Thank you to Dusty Organ (KNE) for those photos credited. You can see more and stay connected with Dusty Organ on Twitter / Twitter and Instagram.

(b) Thank you to Muhammad Faateh Malik.You can see more and stay connected with Mr. Malik on Flickr and Instagram.


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