Toronto // The Definition Tour // Casa Loma

Jon Bellion performing in Toronto on June 28th 2015. at The Mod Club.
Jon Bellion performing in Toronto on June 28th 2015. at The Mod Club.

June 28th 2015 in Toronto ON at The Mod Club, Jon Bellion, The Beautiful Mind team, with opener DJ Rhêtorík, sent me into a state of unrealistic joy. Waving my arms in the air, jumping up and down, glistening in my own sweat and tears of joy, I sang every lyric and hummed every note, the aura of the ever jubilant Mr. Bellion, surrounding me. The crowd in Toronto was electrifying – as was expected. Jon Bellion has a strong, dedicated, kind, humble, and incredibly talented fan base. This was confirmed from talking with a few of them post show as we hung out with the Beautiful Mind team. I have never met kinder individuals than that night. DJ Rhêtorík opened the show, sending the crowd through a time machine of nothing but great hits. Taking us from the 90s to present, Rhêtorík knew exactly what to say, when to say it, and how to spin it, hyping up the audience for Bellion. Travis Mendes sang along side Bellion during the show, adding a soft and shining sound to the show. Blaque Keyz kept the crowd moving with his illustrious rap verses, his arms outstretched as he connected with the crowd. Bellion’s band is another topic that I would need an entire hour to talk about. Electric drumming, soulful guitar player, turnt up keyboardist, and more. I could spend hours describing how remarkable my experience with The Definition Tour was but the truth is, you would have to have been there. What I experienced was emotional and it resonated deep within me. Leaving The Mod Club, I was on a high of happiness. A note on the venue as well as it was not too big but also not too small. It was perfect. June 28th will be forever marked as one of the greatest days of my life. Thank you #BeautifulMind.

Casa Loma (Spanish for Hill House) is a Gothic Revival style house and gardens in midtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada, that is now a museum and landmark. It was originally a residence for financier Sir Henry Mill Pellatt. Casa Loma was constructed over a three-year period from 1911–1914. The architect of the mansion was E.J. Lennox, who was also responsible for the designs of several other city landmarks. Casa Loma is situated at an altitude of 140 m. – Wikipedia

On June 29th I visited Casa Loma. I would suggest that if you are ever in Toronto, you make some time, I would say three hours, to visit this magnificent castle. Taking a walk in the past, you are surrounded by incredible pieces of furniture and artifacts. Note, there are plenty of stairs so come prepared. There is an elevator for those unable to use the stairs. I would suggest going through every room and taking your time. Casa Loma is not a place to be rushed. Photos though, will never capture the true beauty of Casa Loma. My favourite room would be the Conservatory.


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