@RooshV Could Be The Next Elliot Rodger: The Old Age Belief That Men Deserve Any And All Women.

*This post is strictly opinion based and not a statement of fact*


Who is Roosh V? Roosh V, or his birth name, Daryush Valizadeh, is defined as a 36-year-old American writer and pick-up artist. He graduated from the University of Maryland, College Park, in 2001, acquiring a degree in microbiology. Not too long later he began blogging, writing about his attempts at having sex with women and thoughts that circled his mind. His first blog was private before he went slightly public on his second blog, DCBachelor.com. I took a screenshot of the first post visibly made on DCB, seen below.


Fast forward to March 3rd 2005, readers get the first glimpse at Daryush’s mentioning of a pick-up artist mindset, as well as advice for his fellow male readers.


Canada, Poland, Denmark, Iceland, the U.S., Columbia, and more, have criticized both Daryush and his books, deeming it dangerously misogynistic. In the March 2012 report on “The Year In Hate And Extremism,” the Southern Poverty Law Center, included Daryush in a list of manosphere websites, describing Daryush’s site as “hateful and misogynistic.” The Southern Poverty Law Center being an American nonprofit legal advocacy organization specializing in civil rights and public interest litigation, is in a well standing position to rate Daryush’s website as such. Also, in February 2015, keeping on his usual grind, Daryush was widely criticized for a piece he wrote titled “How To Stop Rape,” where he propagated the legalization of rape on private property. In Daryush’s eyes, this would encourage women to take further action against, and be more accountable for, their own safety and security. Sound familiar? 

Backtracking a slight bit to 2014. The Washington Post released a piece on Daryush stating, “Valizadeh owns the website ReturnofKings.com, which bans ‘women and homosexuals’ from commenting.” A website that is still accessible currently, with published pieces such as: 5 Reasons To Date A Girl With An Eating DisorderBisexual Attention Seeker Amber Heard Thinks She’s Above The Law, 5 Reasons Why You Should Never Date A Girl With Dyed Hair, and Why You Should Avoid Dating Girls Who Claim They Were Raped.


You might remember on May 23rd, 2014, then 22-year old, Elliot Rodger, killed six people wounding fourteen others in Isla Vista, California, close to the University of California, Santa Barbara. Elliot went on to commit suicide directly after the killings. The hideous event began at Elliot’s apartment where he stabbed three men to death before driving to a sorority house, shooting three female students (killing two). Elliot then drove to a delicatessen, where he shot a male student to death, before speeding through Isla Vista where he went on a shooting rampage wounding several pedestrians and hitting several with his car. The event ended with Elliot shooting himself in the head with his gun. The video seen above describes what motivated Elliot to commit such a horrible crime, sealing his fate in the end. His motivation? The fact that women would not engage in sexual acts with him despite his charm and charisma. Blaming women for their own ‘downfall’ in the love department for never choosing the nice guys. You know, the whole nice guys finish last thing. (spoiler alert if you open that link, if you don’t want anything ruined for you click THIS link first).

After uploading the video, Rodger e-mailed a lengthy autobiographical manuscript to approximately a dozen acquaintances and family members. The document, which he titled “My Twisted World”, was made available on the Internet and became widely known as his “manifesto”. In it, he describes his childhood, family conflicts, frustration over not being able to find a girlfriend, his hatred of women, his contempt for racial minorities and interracial couples, and his plans for what he described as “retribution,” – Wikipedia.


Women extend further than their bodies but it is those with power, transferred to our opinion leaders, transferred to the media, transferred to society, that tell us our bodies are our limit. The problem lies in the way Daryush handles his talks about women. No one is attacking Daryush for offering advice on how to meet women, we are attacking that he is asserting himself in a position that makes him knowledgable on all women’s needs and wants. It is that in this assertion, he eliminates the very thing he is meant to be speaking on. Daryush says he is a pick-up artist – an offensive term if you ask me, seeing as we are not items on display. Daryush is telling men what HE thinks women want while insulting and putting down the very same individuals he is meant to attract men to. The problem is he is not only putting down women, but pushing us women on the forefront of danger and violent situations, disregarding our cries. Wanting to not be raped, does not make women “fat feminist,” as he so puts it.

The clear difference is the fact that the need for attacks, is not there. What baffles my mind is how many Daryush supporters seem to miss this simple fact. Daryush spends more time attacking women, than telling men how to approach them. You do not need someone to tell you how to sleep with a woman, you need someone to tell you how to approach a woman and engage in a healthy conversation with them. If you see us as humans and not complicated beings (as your misogynistic mindset would have you believe), sex may or may not follow. The problem Daryush’s system has is he expects and demands our bodies and our attention, and upon seeing that we are willing to give him neither, he lashes out on us and believes that the fault must lie with us. A mindset very similar to that of Elliot Rodger. It’s this age old belief that women were put on this earth to serve men and act as the medium through which life is given, that fosters the Elliot Rodgers’ and Roosh Vs’ of the world. Women bring life to this world but women also work hard to maintain it. We work hard for ourselves and those we love, just as others do. The fact that we are caring, loving, occasionally moody, and whatever else describes a woman, should never limit us. In our society we often get carried away with labels and patterns. Daryush sees a woman and labels her as an object for sexual and care giving favours. Seeing women who are fighting back and saying that we are so much more, seeing women telling Daryush and Elliot Rodger that no, we are not yours for the keeping, surprises them and thanks to our hyper-masculine perceptions, these types of men turn violent and dangerous.

My biggest fear is sitting quietly and letting Daryush pollute the minds of our youth. Teaching young boys and grown men that they must turn violent and must put women in harms way, simply because we choose to rise up as free thinking individuals.


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