Annette Ejiofor is a recent graduate student from the Masters program at the Columbia University school of Journalism.

Annette has worked as an intern reporter with NBC News Digital, reporting on such topics and issues as that related to gender, sexuality, race, music, culture, politics, news, art, and entertainment. Annette additionally worked on the social team with NBC News – creating Instagram posts, Instagram Stories, and Facebook Live events. Annette has worked as a freelance journalist, contributing articles for such notable media outlets as the Ottawa Citizen and KROWD Magazine. Annette worked as the Associate Editor for Black Ottawa Scene, the web and copy editor for The Brooklyn Ink, and has acted as a political commentator for CBC News and Metro News. Annette has shared her talents and skills, working for Health Canada within their Internal Communications department, writing and editing speeches for the Deputy Minister, as well as aiding in Health Canada campaigns and initiatives. Annette is one for original content as she consistently seeks out stories and voices from those communities yet to be explored and taking new spins and angles on those communities already explored. Her ears to the ground and eyes on digital, she engages in new form and old form journalism. Annette is a multimedia journalist able to work on video, photography, print, and audio. Annette has training in nearly all fields, with a diverse range of interests, skills, training, and experience, in a variety of topics and issues. From that of health and pharmaceuticals, to that of Black Lives Matter, and to that of technology. Annette is a well versed journalist, with three nationalities to her name as she hails from the United States originally, to Lagos, Nigeria, Ottawa, Ontario in Canada, and now residing in New York City. A well versed and global journalist and reporter, she applies her skills to the art and craft most pertinent to our times currently – journalism.



  1. Hi Annette,

    My name is Juanita and I recently relocated from Toronto to Ottawa for a new exciting job in broadcasting. I’m looking to make new friends and get to know young black female journalists in Ottawa. I came across your website on the Black Ottawa Scene website, and thought, why not interduce myself via email! 🙂

    I hope you don’t mind me emailing you but I’d love to grab a coffee with you sometime. If you know of any events worth attending this month were I could network and get to know more people of colour in Ottawa as well that would be awesome !

    Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing back from you.


    Juanita Muwanga
    Marketing and Outreach Coordinator
    National Campus & Community Radio Association

    1. Hello Juanita, so sorry for my late response. I have a bad habit of posting pieces and then diving into my office to write more. Would you mind commenting your email and I’ll message you? 🙂

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