The Era Of The Ho.

Gif from Google search. It has been a growing trend in social media but has now entered the realm of public discourse. The topic began very long ago, stretching back to the 1800s and 1960s. ‘Ho’ and ‘hoe’ have been used and spelled interchangeably within the past few years from pop songs to common conversation. […]

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Kylie Jenner Can Walk But Chose To Sit.

Featured in this piece are screenshots of Kylie Jenner’s photoshoot with Steven Klein for Interview Magazine. The full interview with Kylie Jenner, conducted by Interview Magazine‘s Senior Editor, Chris Wallace, is available here. ALLEN JONES Allen Jones, 79, is a British sculptor and artist. Jenner’s latest photoshoot with Steven Klein, is based on Jones’s 1969 […]

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#BlackWomensLivesMatter – Black Women Need Social Media // An Open Letter.

Black women are placed in an exhibition of glass ceilings. From the way we appear to our characteristics, we are not given much leeway for either. Black women are stereotyped from our core out,¬†boxing us into a narrow embodiment. Black women are either too ‘ghetto’ or too ‘white,’ making¬†the possibility of the intersectional aspect within […]

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